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The U-Boat Capsoil Range!
U-BOAT replica watches Capsoil is one of the most popular and unique models of Italian watchmakers. From the color-changing Classico 45 to the U-42 ​​Unicum, U-Boat is a brand that likes to create special, unique watches. The design of these watches is outstanding. Make a statement and bring happiness to those who wear and see them! Italo Fontana, the founder and designer of U-Boat watches, commented on his latest work. "From the pure reporter of time to the engine of the future, this is the core of the new Capsoil model."
U-Boat's Capsoil comes in several different designs. Equipped with chronograph and solotempo version, as well as DLC plating or stainless steel! You can see each model below, click here;
8110 Capsoil Solotempo SS
8108 Capsoil Solotempo DLC
8111 Capsoil Chronograph SS
8109 Capsoil Chronograph DLC
What is the U-Boat topsoil?
What makes Capsoil unique is that the oil bath completely immerses the electromechanical of the watch. This is not the manufacturing technique used before assembling the watch. The oil is completely present in the watch of the finished product! This creates a dreamy personality for the watch and sticks to brand ideology.
“Capsoil goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design and combines innovative features with vintage style to prove it is unique in the world watch market.”
The oil bath inside the watch completely surrounds the dial, transforming it into absolute black, completely changing the appearance of the watch, giving it a three-dimensional and deep beauty! In fact, the liquid completely fills the dial, except for a bubble, which is intentionally left on each model. This bubble allows the liquid to move and flow. Then, this brings another unique look, the dial is constantly moving and changing. Despite this, the black appearance of the dial is darker, but the addition of this bubble actually provides an enlarged hand view that looks free to float above the dial! This is a fantastic design, and it is clear why Italo is proud of his creation!
The Capsoil is smaller than the other models in the U-Boat series and comes with a 45 mm case. It combines the highest quality convex sapphire crystal, a beige sphere and an index below to allow super bright light to pass through. The best replica watches also provides Hermatic Resistance up to 10 ATM. This waterproof leather strap is handmade by Florentine artisans.
Luxury Christmas gift for him
Sometimes, whether it is a partner or a relative, it is best to deal with the special person in your life. Of course not everyone's budget is the same, but if it's within your price range, luxury watches are a way to end someone on a certain day on December 25. If you are buying a special lady in your life, check out our Women's Luxury Christmas Gift Guide, but read on to find out what you need to buy for Lucky Men this Christmas.
Designed by Italo Fontana, the Italian brand U-Boat is a unique brand with an oversized, very bold watch that is perfect for luxury Christmas gifts. So this is for those who want to make a statement to show what they have! U-Boat has a fantastic classic that changes colors, but today we are looking for one of their flagship watches! Not an amazing black swan! HYT H1 BLACK PINK GOLD 148-DG-22-GF-LC
Unicum. A stunning and unique watch that stands out from anywhere. The vintage design of this watch is impressive, focused and strategically scratched and weathered for a vintage look. Handcrafted by an Italian watchmaker, each piece has been carefully designed to oscillate and act as a watch lug even when the crown is completely unique and locked when locked.
Oris is a brand known for its diving watches and marine conservation projects, such as hammerhead sharks and Staghorn corals. The brand is one of the largest watch manufacturers in Switzerland and has a large and loyal fan base worldwide.
We chose Aquis Hammerhead Limited Edition, one of the most popular Oris watches on our site. As a limited edition watch, this watch is very popular and perfect for Christmas surprises! Beautifully designed, this watch is a high quality watch that is super reliable and suitable for any dive enthusiast or dive style watch! This is a great choice when looking at a luxury Christmas gift.Urwerk replica Watches
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