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Posts: 19
Jiangsu Tianyi Airport Equipment Corp. Ltd
Established in Feb. 2011, Tianyi is one of the three largest manufacturer specialized in the Civil Airport ground support equipment (GSE) who provides its customers a wide ranger of aviation special vehicles, the product line cover aircraft catering truck, passenger boarding steps, Ambulift truck, luggage transporter, water service truck, lavatory service trucks, garbage truck and so on.
Tianyi was located in Jiangsu LANTIAN Aerospace Industrial Park, and cover the area of 20000 square meters, it is equipped with advanced machining shop, surface coating, overall assembly workshop, hydraulic dust-free workshop, electronics laboratory and so on. In 2011, Tianyi passed the ISO9001-2011 quality management system certification. In 2014, Tianyi was awarded as national high-tech enterprises.
Following the philosophy of “customer as center, market as guide”, continuous introduction and optimization of technical management personnel. At present, we have over 120 employees, boast an annual sales figure that exceed RMB150 million, most of the products also passed the approval of civil aviation administration of China (CAAC).
Adhering to the spirit of “professional, dedicated, pragmatic and efficient”, using technology and innovation never stops, Tianyi will create high quality aviation ground equipment that meet market demand, and become the leader of GSE at home and abroad.
Our Products
airplane stairs
belt loader
airport truck
Airport Catering Truck
water service truck
lavatory service truck
Development Path
In 2001
Wuxi Tianyi Airport Special Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2001.
In February, 2011
Jiangsu Tianyi Airport Equipment Corp. Ltd was established in February 2011 based on Wuxi Tianyi Airport Special Equipment Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 88.66 million yuan. It is a global professional airport equipment manufacturer. Passed ISO9001-2008 product quality certification audit and obtained certificate.
In March 2017
Jiangsu Tianyi Airport Equipment Corp. Ltd officially obtained the sponsorship of Guolian Securities, launched the listing of the New Third Board, and entered the capital market.
On March 7th, 2018
Jiangsu Tianyi Airport Equipment Corp. Ltd and Canny Elevator Co., Ltd. successfully signed a strategic investment cooperation. The two sides have joined forces in cross-border integration and strong cooperation, which has opened up a new journey of “higher” and high-quality development.
In October 2018
Jiangsu Tianyi Airport Equipment Corp. Ltd was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
On January 25th, 2019
Academician Sun Fengchun is very optimistic about the development potential of Jiangsu Tianyi Co., Ltd. In the long-term cooperation with the company, he fully understands the urgent need for new energyization of airport special equipment in the civil aviation field. He led a team of 9 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering to build a strategic cooperation intention with the enterprise. The two parties signed a cooperation agreement on new energy equipment projects in the National Engineering Laboratory of Electric Vehicles, and jointly established Jiangsu Tianyi New Energy Airport Equipment Co., Ltd. to engage in new energy research and development, production, sales and service of airport special equipment.
Innovation Strength
Tianyi has mechanical processing, surface painting, overall assembly workshop and hydraulic clean room, electrical laboratory, material warehouse, office building, living building, and is equipped with a complete set of advanced equipment and facilities of scientific research, production and experiment.
Tianyi has always insisted on the continuous introduction and optimization of technical and management talents. Tianyi has more than 250 employees, 36 design and development technicians, and it occupies 50% in all kinds of technicians that the persons have been engaged in civil aviation product modification for a long time. Several dozen products have obtained national patents, including two invention patents.
At present, 30 categories of products have obtained the certificate or the Civil Aviation Authority publicity catalogue issued by the Civil Aviation Administration.
Airport Pallet Dolly
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