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14 days ago
Posts: 10
Since May 2009, Ningbo Enuo Magnet established, have 100 linear cutting machine to produce NdFeB and Smco magnet with varity kinds of shapes and the magnetic assemblies.
Year 2010-2012, Establishment of Research & Development Department.
Year 2013-2014, Founded sales department of permanent magnet, magnetic assemblies, sales department of magnetic tools, sales department of motor magnets.
Since Year 2015, We improve our quality system and service system.
So that we can offer 24-hour service, improve our overall level of service.
For now, With world class manufacturing Production and modern facilities as well as an experienced team for the Enuo Magnet Co.,Ltd. We are capable of highest quality magnets, permanent magnets, complex magnetic assemblies, magnetic devices and expert application assistance for OEM, point-of-purchase, industrial and retail markets.
About Us: What Can We Do
We offer a complete line of industrial magnets, retail-ready magnets and magnetic devices for Motors, Wind Generator, Home Improvement, Office Supplies and Housewares categories. Specialize in producing and designing all kinds of magnetic products and systems. Products include: Permanent Magnets, Rare earth Magnets, Pot Magnets, Hook Magnets, Fishing Magnets, Office Magnets, Magnetic Tool, Magnetic Filter, Magnetic Lifter, Name Badge Magnets, Rubber Coated Magnets
Testing Equipments:
Why We Can Do Better
We operate to ISO 9001-2008, standards. Enuo Mag Co.,Ltd. has a reputation for solving complex design problems, supplying consistent quality, delivery and being on target with price.
We have a complete test laboratory giving us the ability to fully test and analyze our magnetic products. Our manufacturing capabilities include state of the art CNC equipment which permits exceptionally short lead times on evaluation units and production orders.
Enuo Mag understand a lot of problems in the world caused by misunderstanding, here we are trying to understand you better, and offer you better service. We understand customers need not only good products in good price, but also the efficient communication service. That’s what we are always achieved.Neodymium Segment Magnets manufacturers
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