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Posts: 7
Customers who bought wet and wavy hair usually complain about how to keep looking like before after washing their Curly Wigs. In fact, all people with wavy or curly hair always have the same problems, but why some people don’t complain, and their wave and the curl also look beautiful even they wash the hair many times. In fact, for a beautiful wavy or curly hairstyle, it always depends on how we could take good care of it. Julia Hair Wigs are the professional hair factory, we are not only know how to make a hair extension but also could tell our customers how to keep the wave and curl after washing the hair. Hair tells you all secret and help you on how to take care and keep your wavy and curly hair.

1. After washing hair, we will find the wave and Human Hair Wigs will become a straight hair or very loose, not as beautiful as before. Please don’t worry. First, please dry the hair gently with a towel. Remember don’t dry very strongly, because the hairs cuticle is open when the hair is wet, it is easy to break the hair when dry strongly.

2. When there is no water drop from the hair, please use a cold wind or let the hair dry naturally in the air. But please remember, don’t let the hair completely dry, just leave it is a little wet, then put some hair care oil on your hand and knead it by your hands.

3. When the hair care oil is evenly on your hands, please smear on your hair, remember, please use your fingers to comb and go through your hair, from end to top, there is no need to put to much oil on the top, we need more natural on the top. And the wave and the curl usually need to be kept better and better from top and end. The oil is smeared more evenly, and then the wavy and the curly will be more beautiful. And during the time when you smear the hair, please also roll the hair evenly by your hand, don’t go straightly.

4. Then after you finish smearing the oil, and then please putting hair spray to fix the wavy and the curly, also need to spray evenly. Please remember not to use too much.

5. Last, please dry the hair completely, for this Step, please remember you can’t use a wind to blow the hair divergent, so this is very important for you to just use a hair blow with a wavy or curly dryer. Please see the photo below for kind. This one could be dry and fix the wavy and curly very well.

6. And don’t forget to deep conditioning the hair every 2 weeks. This is to give nutrition to the hair to keep it well, not easy to feel dry. Then we will no have problems with tangle and shedding.

Please follow all these steps on how to keep your curl on your wig, then you will be never having problems on the wavy and curly hair after washing. Julia hair is professional, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us www.juliahair.com.
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