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Posts: 19
Foil faced insulation is not a new invention but it is becoming very popular in building insulation.foil faced insulation is a reflective foil insulation used to reflect heat where you want it. Just like a thermos, hot sides stay hot and cold sides stay cold. By reflecting Radiant Energy back into the home radiant barrier insulation can significantly improve the heat loss of the insulation system. However, by reflecting the heat our of a home, the radiant insulation can significantly improve the heat gain of an insulation system during cooling seasons.
NameFoil faced insulation
Appearancesliver/ customized
StructureAluminum foil+PE+woven+PE +Aluminum foil
Lenth(m)50 to 2500
Water Vapor Transmission0.015gsm KPA
Tensile Strength(MD)200N/25mm
Tensile Strength(TD)250N/25mm
Bursting Strenth650N
TreatmentFR/UV/VCI/Perforated avaiable
Temperature Resistance4 hours no decladding -30℃/90℃
1.Not harmful beaceuse of the natural material
2.Easy to install demong the roofing material
3.The most beautiful and artistical building material makes your building bright.
Perforated foil radiant barrier reinforced alu foil faced woven fabric alu foil Sarking material for installation under concrete slabs and thin-slabs, also under radiant systems attached to the bottom of subfloors. We also carry insulation for installation in walls, ceilings and attics to create a fully radiant barrier house.China Woven Foil Insulation
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